​The Rolls-Royce Dawn Takes Brandon Chau, Leonard Chao and Yen Kuok for a Ride - Hashtag Legend

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​The Rolls-Royce Dawn Takes Brandon Chau, Leonard Chao and Yen Kuok for a Ride

Oct 02, 2016

Brandon Chau

The drive to Repulse Bay from the city centre is a beautiful one, framed by lush green mountains on one side and views of the seashore and ocean on the other. It is not an easy road to negotiate. Carved into the hillside, it is narrow, with perilous slopes on either side, and is heavily used by cars, vans, trucks and buses. But the new Rolls-Royce Dawn fits right in. It cruises along the route with the same majesty as it would show gliding up to the doors of the Four Seasons Hong Kong hotel – as #legend found out one afternoon when three discerning figures took the car for a spin around town and shared their opinions with us.

The trio has different personalities and tastes. Brandon Chau, a lawyer and founder of Attire House, has an eye for fine craftsmanship. Leonard Chao, who owns a cafe called Kelly & Moss, is a man with a penchant for practicality. The third in the trio is young entrepreneur Yen Kuok, who owns e-commerce website Guiltless and loves all things quirky and unique. Each has one thing in common: they are experts on style and each has taken the Rolls-Royce Dawn for a test drive. Click below for their thoughts on the drive.

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Photography / Kirk Kenny
All Outfits / Shanghai Tang

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