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RISE 2018: 5 Hong Kong start-ups to watch

Jul 11, 2018

Silentmode's relaxation kit just might be what the city's busy insomniacs need

We’re midway through this year’s RISE conference which sees some of the biggest and most talented digital-savvy minds and techies gather in Hong Kong for three days to share ideas and network with aspiring start-ups and entrepreneurs in the region. Hong Kong has always had a supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem with the likes of 9GAG, Hanson Robotics (those who brought us Sophia the robot), content aggregator Notey and GoGoVan all founded and based out of this vibrant city.

Aside from speakers from big names such as Tinder, 88 Rising, Meitu, WeChat and Amazon, RISE offers a great opportunity to meet and discover the next generation of start-ups and apps who are looking to disrupt their respective fields – from wellness and fitness to food and beauty.

Here are five new blossoming start-ups and apps from Hong Kong that caught our eye:


Silentmode - your tech accessory for meditation

Struggling to sleep or relax? Using a hi-end audio mask and customised breathwork training, Silentmode offers an immersive relaxation experience specifically designed for athletes, business executives and high-performing individuals. Simply put on the mask made with memory foam and take a few minutes to yourself in complete darkness. You can use it to help you nap or for a 10-minute breathing exercise before a big meeting. According to a BETA test group from March last year, they’ve seen “users reduce their heart rate by as much as 24.7% in under 5 minutes.”



Hong Kong foodie travel app Flavoryt

We’ve all been there. Every time anyone we know comes to Hong Kong, they’re always asking about where they should go to eat, new restaurant openings and the coolest bars – so much so that many of us have a list or spreadsheet bookmarked and ready to e-mail to whoever is coming into town. The problem is, we tend to forget to update it. Enter new Hong Kong app Flavoryt, which allows you to create and curate lists featuring all the places you love to go to or want to try and share it with all your followers and friends. Many of us rely on word of mouth and our friends to recommend restaurants and bars to visit when we’re lacking a bit of inspiration – now you can do so seamlessly via this foodie version of Pinterest.

It’s also great for travel as you can explore follow foodies in different cities so you know you’re hitting up the best local spots. You can even list the places you wouldn’t recommend.



Bravera wants to connect social impact with health and fitness technology

What if you could work out and stay fit while doing your part for the community? New start-up app Bravera is looking to offer a variety of individual and team charity fundraising challenges and opportunities to win discounts from their partners. All you have to do is pick a challenge, invite friends and families to sponsor you and you can start raising money while you train. By connecting with your fitness apps and wearables, they can automatically detect when you’ve reached a certain milestone (for example, your step goal) and unlock pledged funds for charities or discounts and bonuses as you achieve them.



A platform for home chefs and foodies in Asia

Similar to Plateculture, TravoAsia is a platform which lets foodies and travellers book unique dining experiences in Hong Kong and Taiwan with more destinations to follow. Like Airbnb, those who book an experience on TravoAsia can enjoy a home-cooked meal by budding home chefs for a private meal or at a shared table. They also go a step further in allowing you to pick the specific menu that you want to try and to book personal chefs to come and cook in your own home.



A one-stop app for all your beauty needs

BloomMe is Hong Kong’s leading spa and beauty booking platform where you can immediately book in your session – great when you’re in need of a last-minute wax or nail appointment to fix that chipped mani. With 12 beauty categories, they offer daily discounts and a large selection of spas and salons to choose from so you can always find somewhere that suits your needs. The user-generated reviews which are integrated into the app are also great in helping you make your decision when choosing which beauty salon to go to.


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