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OFF-WHITE goes business casual for its latest fashion show

Jan 18, 2018

Virgil Abloh gets serious for his latest OFF-WHITE collection. The designer, DJ, artist, etc., etc., referenced the late Eighties and early Nineties for his 2018 Fall/Winter range, noting a time when he himself dreamt about what his adult life would be like. Backstage, Abloh lamented, "My future was like: white picket fence, a dog. I thought I might be carrying a briefcase." Well that's not at all what happened. As we all know, Abloh is a trained architect but gained fame for being Kanye West's creative director before starting Pyrex Vision. Now, he's imagining what the young people who are OFF-WHITE customers might wear when they're a little older.  

From pinstriped suits to jackets and sweatshirts, the collection was an interesting look at business casual apparel, with a streetwear edge. Silhouettes were loose and some were even twisted around the body. Of course, for fans of the brand, the line still has its fair share of graphic T-shirts and designs. “I always dreamed that the future CEOs, the future business managers, the future lawyers are just kids that grew up listening to rock, skateboarding, going to raves, going to fashion parties and hearing this sort of mix of culture, and so I just wanted to tell that story: what does the future of business attire look like?” he said. Check out the full collection over at WWD

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