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New urban lifestyle concept FLEUR PAVILIA

Jun 08, 2018

The lounge at FLEUR PAVILIA

FLEUR PAVILIA is the latest addition to the Pavilia Collection under The Artisanal Movement, a cultural vision and a philosophy for living  headed by New World Development. Nestled on Mount Kai Yuen in North Point, the residence will offer an urban retreat away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong Island.

The library at clubhouse FLEUR PAVILION

New World Development has gathered an all-star team to realize a project that embodies the group’s core principles: “Collect, Connect, Collide.” Among others, famed Japanese designer Shigeru Uchida and leading landscape design firm Ohtori Consultants are leading the creative direction of FLEUR PAVILIA, the clubhouse FLEUR PAVILION and FLEUR ISLAND, the floral garden.

The design veterans work closely together to create a seamlessly connected indoor and outdoor ensemble of architectural and cultural excellence. By infusing the spirit of tea room into a space decorated with ikebana. FLEUR PAVILION reflects the elegance of the beauty of Kai Yuen history.

Function Room at clubhouse FLEUR PAVILION

Yokohama-born Uchida approached the project focusing on the simplicity inspired by the colors and materials of nature, visible both in the Japanese tea room that will enable residents to immerse themselves in the “Kazuaki Seishin” philosophy (based on respect, purity, harmony and tranquility) and the omnipresent use of wood and bamboo element. Uchida and his team have also injected their distinctive craftsmanship in the FLEUR PAVILIA by recreating a traditional Chashitsu, a space used for tea ceremony gatherings and often decorated with calligraphy.


The entrance of FLEUR PAVILIA is embellished by Dancing Water, a sculpture conveying dynamism that play with lights and shadows creating a unique symphony of movements and colors. The piece is yet another addition to the outstanding selection of bespoke and unique furniture exclusively created by Uchida and his designers for the architectural complex.

Externally, Japan-based Ohtori Consultans and Cheng’s team have conceptualized FLEUR PAVILIA to create a space that matches the interior’s ambience and its atmosphere using mainly bamboo, pine, and plum blossom, The Three Friends of Winter, symbols of human integrity and known for their climate-resilient qualities.FLEUR ISLAND

Combining the celebration of traditions with a contemporary approach to design and aesthetic, FLEUR PAVILIA is set to be become a landmark of the future.

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