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A US$350 Denim ‘Smart’ Jacket Available Now

Sep 27, 2017

The Levi's x Google Smart Trucker denim jacket, available now

The long-awaited Levi’s x Google Smart Trucker jacket has finally arrived. It is not only the jacket of the future, but the future of fashion. At a glance, it appears to be the standard Levi’s Trucker jacket. However, with a just a simple touch the tech comes alive. Swipe the sleeve to start a Spotify playlist, or lightly tap it to read out your latest text message.

Carefully crafted using microfibres, the jacket is the product of technology and textile put together. Almost identical in feel to normal denim, the innovative textile allow wearers to go truly wireless, granting them access to their basic tech-needs effortlessly. The jacket’s software can also be connected to an app that allows you to customise the four core gestures (swipe left, right, tap, and hold). Swipe left for music, swipe right for spoken directions, tap to hear your notifications, and hold to stop the action.

Priced at $350USD, the smart jacket will be available at select retailers on 27 September and online starting 2 October. For more information check out levi.com

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