​#legend Celebrates Women's Month - Hashtag Legend


​#legend Celebrates Women's Month

Mar 07, 2017

Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide panel discussion (photo c/o Facebook | @FemaleEntrepreneursWorldwide)

​As the world unites in celebration of women this month, #legend talks to some of the city’s female innovators in a series entitled The Future is Female. Each woman is changing Hong Kong, and the world, for the better—from improving the environment, to fighting for social justice, these women are dedicating their lives to better our own. Take a look below to learn about these inspiring women, and check back to read their interviews all month long.

Ines Gafsi

Co-founder of Female Entrepreneurs Worldwise, Gafsi uses her background as a digital marketing specialist to inspire and support women launching their own startups through this community. 

Ines Gafsi (photo c/o Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide)

Christina Dean 

Horrified by the fashion industry’s contribution to landfills — fashion being one of the main polluters, behind the oil industry— Dean co-founded Redress. The NGO seeks to reduce textile waste through education.

Christina Dean (photo c/o Redress)

Kate March

Originally from the United States, artist-cum-entrepreneur Kate March, founded the all-female international creative collective I AM. Their performances can be seen in restaurants, fashion shows and events around the world. 

Kate March (photo c/o Kate March)

Vicky Lau

Chef Vicky is forging the way for sustainable-restaurants in Hong Kong, embracing small but effective, environmentally-friendly practices at her newly re-opened restaurant, Tate Kitchen and Dining Room. 

Vicky Lau (photo c/o Tate Kitchen & Dining Room)

Tegan Smyth 

Financier Tegan Smyth has recently founded Table of Two Cities, a food and story-telling project that gives refugees and asylum seekers in the city a platform to share their culture, and their stories. 

Tegan Smyth

Janice Leung Hayes

Known to many for her food journalism, Hayes is the co-founder of the Island East Markets and Tong Chong Street Market. The markets bring local vendors together, encouraging the city to rely on home-grown produce and products over imported ones. 

Janice Leung Hayes (photo c/o Facebook | @JaniceLeungHayes)

Keshia Hannam 

Former food-editor, Hannam has turned her sights on social engagement, organising the content and brand partnerships for co-working space Mettā, and running regular Camel Assembly meetings, an innovative community of female entrepreneurs. 

Keshia Hannam (photo c/o Facebook | @KeshiaHannam)

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