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Lane Crawford to host 2018’s Creative Call Out in LA

Dec 21, 2017

Iconic department store Lane Crawford will hunt for new talents under the Californian sun by bringing its project Creative Call Out to Los Angeles in a continuous effort to support emerging designers.

For the first time, the event, which aims to discover and promote new creators and artists in the fashion and lifestyle sectors, will take place outside China. The choice to move it to Los Angeles for its seventh edition is linked to the city’s growing importance as an international fashion hub.

Creative Call Out was born in 2015 from Lane Crawford’s long-standing appreciation of young and less traditional brands, continuously changing its buying strategy to feature more and more up-and-coming creators. The initiative also invites photographers, multimedia artists, writers and stylists to showcase their works.

“I didn’t have many expectations as I knew we were going to be guided in the right direction under Lane Crawford. However, I was interested to see how they would help you independent designers grow professionally rather than simply giving a branded stamp of approval,” said 2017’s winner Angel Chan on how the initiative impacted her career development.  

Successful submissions will receive support and mentorship from a team of experts, such as professional advice on logistics and customer insights, as well as with the unique possibility of seeing their designs stocked at Lane Crawford and on the e-store.  

A digital version of the incubator has also been launched to allow talents from all over the world a chance to participate as well. 

Lane Crawford’s Creative Call Out will run from January 24 to January 26 in Los Angeles. Apply here

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