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How The Pros Survive Fashion Week

Sep 05, 2017

September means one thing: Fashion Week

The fashion world is preparing for another non-stop month of sartorial excess as September’s fashion weeks approach. It’s a crazy whirlwind that sees industry professionals constantly jetting between New York, London, Milan and Paris to get a taste of next season's collections. It's a constant barrage: show after show, parties upon parties, and networking like you wouldn't believe, so of course we had to ask the insiders how they survive the madness...

“Meditation and yoga everyday” — Vanessa Hong, Fashion Influencer, @thehautepursuit

“Always stay hydrated and get enough rest, it’s needed to have energy and excitement to see new things with an open mind!” — Kelly Wong, Director of Fashion, Lane Crawford

“Protein juice and a ginger shot every morning, salt and soda powder baths every night and as much Asian food as i can manage.” — Tiffany Hsu, Buying Manager,

“Sugar! It’s the only time i eat candy…right before i am doing a seating chart at 1am. Also, foot massages in Chinatown after being in heels and standing all day. Foot Heaven is my go to!” — Lisa Lu, Publicity Director, KCD

“I pack a lot of denim options to ’casuals’ statement pieces, and i have a trust-worthy driver on speed dial. During this craziness that is NYFW they are the light of hope, and caretakers, grabbing lunch and sorting out sim cards!” - Declan Chan, Stylist @declanchan

“Evening tea (anything to avoid a raging hangover the next day) and room service.” — Phil Oh, Photographer

“Individually wrapped face masks (my favourites are La Mer and Karuna) and miso soup.” — Kim Bui Kollar, Fashion Director, Hashtag Legend

“Know where to grab a quick bite in the city, or carry a snack with you. There’s really no time to eat between shows!” — Inggrad Shek, Stylist @Inggradshek

“Instead of wearing killer heels, pack loads of earrings to give your outfit a pop of detail.” — Veronica Li, Blogger,

“I bring paper or overnight masks to keep my skin in its best condition during dry weather, and since i am on my phone constantly, I make sure i have a portable charger with me at all times.” — Faye Tsui, Stylist @Faye_tsui

“Fashion Week means a lot of running around, so it’s probably not the best time to be trying out new footwear. Bring a pair of thick socks just in case. You can wear socks with heels, right?” — Kieran Ho, Fashion Editor, Hashtag Legend @KieranHo

“Eat a big breakfast because there isn’t much time to eat during the rest of the day, and utilise any washroom you pass by – better to be safe than sorry!” — Michael Mok, General Merchandising Manager at JOYCE 

“Use the opportunity to connect with the fashion brands and editors, dress to respect the show you are attending, and stay connected with a portable wifi device.” — Anson Lau, Stylist @ansonlaucf1107

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