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House of Hennessy Flagship launches at Hong Kong International Airport

Oct 04, 2018

This month, Hennessy, in collaboration with Duty Zero, launched their first ever airport flagship store at the Hong Kong International Airport. Hong Kong has long been one of the largest hubs of international Asian travel and with the growth of many Asian economies, Hennessy picked the ideal location to debut their new concept.

Dubbed, the “House of Hennessy”, the shop takes inspiration from Château de Bagnolet, a historic French castle acquired by Auguste and Irene Hennessy in 1841. Aiming to bring French touches to an airport shop thousands of miles away is no small feat. To create an immersive,  intimate experience, the flagship has a forward-looking VIP room where guests will be able to discover the story of Hennessy and the secrets behind the iconic brand. 

The VIP room at House of Hennessy

Laurent Boidevezi, the President of Moët Hennessy Global Travel Retail says that because of Asia’s new growing “desire to further explore cognac culture, [Hennessy has] been developing interactive and educational approaches to engage with global travelers."

Limited 200th anniversary VSOP set

The House of Hennessy will offer travelers the full range of Hennessy cognac from VSOP to XO to Paradis Imperial. Limited editions and exclusive products like the VSOP 200th anniversary bottle, and the Hennessy X.O Mathusalem will be available as well. The shop will change their selection of products every two months to ensure that frequent travels will regularly be seeing something new.

Hennessy Paradis Imperial

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