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Hong Kong Fashion Start-Up Competes in Chivas Venture

May 26, 2017

Michelle Bang of BYT

Chivas Regal’s The Venture, launched 2014, a competition in which the globe’s socially enabled next-gen start-ups compete for US$1 million, is back for its fourth iteration in September. Eventual winners not only get the cash-boost, but global exposure and world-class mentorship to accelerate growth and bolster their nascent businesses. Start-ups inducted through the New York-based programme have already expanded to 50 countries, impacting more than 20,000 lives. 

The outfit that took Bang to the finals

Hong Kong’s representative in this year’s final round is BYT’s Michelle Bang. Her affordable luxury fashion seeks to change the way the world views the fashion industry —currently the second largest polluter, behind oil — by creating beautiful and desirable, up-cycled garments. BYT embraces unwanted materials, using surplus fabrics to create fashionable and sustainable pieces designed by Kévin Germanier. Learn more about BYT here

Public voting continues for two more weeks. Check out all the competitors and cast your vote here

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