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Highland Park: Celebrating local spirit

Dec 22, 2017

Highland Park has always celebrated those who do things the traditional way and honour their heritage. Its whiskys are made the same way they have always been, using the traditional methods. It's this long tradition that Highland Park traces back to its Viking roots that make it special. The same goes for local Hong Kong brand, G.O.D. which isn't afraid to showcase Hong Kong's unique and vibrant culture and design to the rest of the world.

In this video, Highland Park's brand ambassador Martin Markvardsen and G.O.D. Founder Douglas Young discuss the importance of maintaining a local soul and craftsmanship in creating much-beloved and treasured products. To celebrate it's rich past, Highland Park is honouring their ancestry with their newest collection, Fire. Inspired by the Norse legends of old, Fire - the follow up to Ice - celebrates Muspelheim, the glowing fire realm of destruction. 

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