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Hainan Airlines Debuts Haute Couture Uniforms

Jul 11, 2017

Hainan Airlines released their new and improved haute couture uniforms at Paris Couture Week last Tuesday. Designer Laurence Xu took inspiration from Cheongsam, traditional Chinese dresses worn for formal events and occasions. While sticking to the theme of the airline’s traditional Chinese beginnings, the new designs bring a touch of modernity into the sky’s cat-walk, as its only fit to wear the highest of fashion on your way to the clouds. 

Xu’s designs frequent the Haute Couture shows, but this line of garments is completely unique for the young designer, and is the product of two years of collaboration. It took 1,000 blueprints and 100 samples to achieve the final result. The uniforms feature stunning traditional Chinese imagery such as mythical birds, waves, clouds, and more, and pay homage to the brand’s original grey colour palette.

Brand director of Hainan Airlines, Xu Fei, claims that the cooperation between the company and Xu is industry leading, and a boon to their international image.

​Images courtesy of Hainan Airlines

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