Being Fashionably Fit With Morgan Guth - Hashtag Legend

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Being Fashionably Fit With Morgan Guth

Aug 05, 2016

(Credit: Morgan Guth)

Morgan Guth started The Well Dressed Work Out to show us how to sweat in style and here she gives #legend the skinny.

Had athleisure always been a big part of your life even before it became the biggest trend?

I’ve always been a huge sneaker fan and leaned more towards a masculine, street-style look. Even when I was growing up in the ballet world, I took care in my choice of leg warmers or ballet wrap-around. Being a yoga teacher and fitness instructor, it’s inevitable I’ll be in sweats all day. Now athleisure is such a huge trend, it’s nice to see everyone looking for comfort in what they wear because comfort brings an effortless confidence. I used to always change into denim jeans and a T-shirt after teaching a class, but lately I find myself ditching the denim for the comfort of my Stella McCartney tights.

What are your favourite sports brands; are there up-and-coming brands you love?

I love Calvin Klein Performance, VFiles Sport Plus and Adidas by Stella McCartney. While collaborations with high-end designers are gearing up with the latest athleisure trends, it’s best we watch out for the brands that do it best in the business: Puma, Tommy Hilfiger and Fila are all about to make a big comeback.

Everyone expects you to share your life with them on social media. How much of your content reflects your true persona?

I am obsessed with yoga and stretching, I love barre class and I teach indoor spin. That’s my true persona. Most of my images I take myself and I’ll adjust the brightness, contrast, structure settings a bit on Instagram, but I don’t touch up or Photoshop any of my images. A lot of people think that I must be this super-health-conscious, fit individual. But if you asked my friends, they would laugh at that. I’m always the one ordering the burger and fries. I’ve always said I’m 100 per cent strictly fashion and fitness rather than fitness and health or lifestyle.

(Credit: Morgan Guth)

Is there pressure to show only your best self as a fitness guru?

Now that you mention that, yes, perhaps there is. I’m not too pedantic about make-up. You’ll see me sweating and looking more natural in most of my images. But as I grow and build, I think images might become a little less about stretch and yoga, and more day-to-day things. I’m not saying that I am on the mat every day.

What kind of sports do you do on a daily basis?

I like to move mindfully every day, creating space in my body and a connection with my mind and body. I do a personal yoga practice every day and on top of that I teach indoor spinning, barre, and yoga classes.

You have lived in Hong Kong for a few years. What brought you to the city?

I moved to Hong Kong for a change in lifestyle, to shift from my comfort zone and try new things. But after five years in the city I’m so excited that this year I get to travel more between Sydney, Bali, New York and Hong Kong.

You’re an inspiration to many. Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by so many things: friends, brands, yoga teachers, bloggers. My friends do amazing things. Eve Speciall is a DJ and model living in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, and her light and authenticity keeps me going. Nicoline Aagesen, too. She’s famous for being the cheeky eye behind her phenomenal brand, My Camera My Rules. Simon Birch is an already well-known artist, shaping the art world into something bigger than we know with The 14th Factory in New York. I grew up with a beautiful ballerina, Ingrid Gow, who is now a dancer with the Australian Ballet company. I melt for every tutu and pointe shoe pic that pops up on my feed.

Who is your style inspiration?

I’ve always been obsessed with the style of the Olsen twins. I believe they are at the forefront of influencers in fashion and style with their timeless take on masculine femininity, exaggerated structure and avant-garde aesthetic. I’m also a huge Agyness Deyn fan. She has that real, androgynous street vibe. Diane Kruger can’t do much wrong on a red carpet, as well as Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Olsen, FKA Twigs, Lily Rose Depp and Zoë Kravitz.

(Credit: Morgan Guth)

Do you have a motto?

“Those who wait to get what they want, just get what the hustlers left behind,” from #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso.

What is your favourite pre-workout meal?

A lot of water and banana. I also love to have avocado, spinach and eggs on sourdough after any morning workout.

Who do you follow on Instagram?

A lot of friends, and loads of yoga inspiration and fashion labels. It’s great to keep updated with what’s available in store. Some of my favourite accounts are Opening Ceremony, Hypebae, Hypebeast, Stylerunner, Sporteluxe, Missbish and, of course, TheFatJewish.

How much do you interact with your followers and fans?

As much as I can. I love hearing when people follow me or their friends discover my page. I can be a little shy about it. I’m so flattered to have come as far as I have with it all.

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