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Face Reader Eric Standop Reads Robert De Niro: The Tree-Deer Face

Feb 29, 2016

Robert De Niro's face unites the “Tree” form with the “Deer” form, says face reader Eric Standop. The “Deer” face gives more individual aspects to the caring “Tree” face”, which imparts a sense of responsibility. The “Deer” stands for a shy nature that becomes powerful and explosive when challenged.

Motivated and dedicated at work or social events, this highly responsible kind of personality, further revealed by a U-shaped worry wrinkle on De Niro’s cheek, prefers to be left alone when not working or socialising. Such personalities love and exude authority with all their hearts, but this affects only their public side. They have a strongly pronounced wish to protect their private lives, but they run the risk of being lonely and of tending to reminisce when they are old.

“Tree-Deer” combinations exert themselves intensely early in life. But they are susceptible to taking contrarian points of view and pursuing arguments. They are contradictory, being expansive in many ways but reserved in others.

A closer look at De Niro’s individual facial features reveals a man of ideals. This is someone who wants to shine and does not hide his personality. He is reliable, worthy of trust and pragmatic. Everything is dedicated to success. He has the ability to block things out, and can choose not to hear. He filters out topics that seem unimportant. This can be seen in his combed-back hair, salt-and-pepper look and covered ears.

This is a man with good instincts, who always seeks challenges that are far sighted. This is someone who is capable of quickly processing information and does not wish to be slowed down. Slow-acting people, obstacles and delays perturb or annoy this profound yet pragmatic thinker. This can be seen in his forehead, which is high, slightly backward-slanted, and oval in shape.

Eye for detail

De Niro’s is a profound character, easily managing many projects simultaneously and easily challenging or overworking others. His thoughts occasionally cause him to be nervous, irritable and even confused. But he remains a man capable of achieving extraordinary things. This is shown by his long eyebrows, which are bushy, somewhat criss-crossed on the left side, ingrained and growing inward.

He is a detail-loving, responsible person, so nothing escapes his eye. He is a perfectionist who stubbornly sticks to his path and demands too much of himself. This often causes excessive stress in life, but the dreamer in him also has an influence. He increasingly makes decisions based on gut feelings. He is an emotional person, but slow to reveal what depresses or preoccupies him. This is revealed by the shape of his eyes, the big pupils, and the three-sclera formation – the white space around the iris – on the right side.

Interested and curious, he is also capable of making difficult decisions. He is interested in people and feels compelled to communicate because he feels unrecognised otherwise. Look at his ears, which are large and flat against the head. They have straight, fine edges and are turned slightly inward. The earlobes are small, hanging slightly, and a little fleshy.

De Niro follows his path step by step, in a structured, straightforward way, and with great willpower. He has the ability to take care of things quickly. Being industrious, he got used to taking care of everything on his own at a young age. He likes to do his thing by himself, but has probably come to appreciate a supporting team. He is a connoisseur, clever, and plans ahead. This is signified by his nose. It is straight, with a slight hump and long, big triangular padding, and the tip points down.

His cheeks appear soft, without much cushion, meaning he leads with a gentle hand and an open ear. He is persistent under stress – although he sees life as a battle and believes that nothing just falls into a person’s lap.

Mark of conflict

De Niro has the ability to communicate, but not about his feelings. In his younger years, he was presumably more of a spirited type who made room for his emotions. Standop says he may swallow many feelings, causing anger, rage and grief to build. That he does not speak about burdensome issues as seen in his left eye, with its eyebrow hanging lower, and his medium-length mouth with lips lacking great volume. The left corner of his mouth points downward and his lips are shorter on the left than the right.

De Niro is socially engaged, with a natural inclination to help. He wants balance in life and harmony. He is capable of standing up to others, and packs a punch. That is seen in the strength and stamina in the chin. It is rounded, with slightly forward curvature, and the jaw is pronounced.

The face speaks of difficulties during childhood. The position of the birthmark on the upper right forehead indicates conflict with his father, arising from De Niro’s feelings of inferiority and inadequacy. This pain does not necessarily result in him being inconsiderate to himself or others. Not acknowledging the nature of the problem can ensure that he approaches everything in life with much power and strength, fight and commitment, perhaps causing conflict. This is betrayed by the various unbalanced wrinkles on the forehead and veins on the right side.

De Niro is a multi-faceted and complex person. He is someone who would like to be grounded and there for others, but also needs his freedom and, above all, his space to retreat. He is capable of assuming many different roles – and not just as an actor. He likes to take care of others and loves to work with people, to a certain degree. He knows that people support him, but he is still, at heart, a lone wolf who does not let anyone get close to him too quickly.

He is reliable, loyal and faithful. His desire for growth is strong. He does not stop and deliberately think about what his next step will be, yet he is a profound thinker. He has sacrificed a great deal privately and lost much energy in the process. He struggles with many injuries and carries a heavy burden. He is a sensitive and emotional person. In earlier times, he expressed his emotions openly. But over the years, he has learned to keep matters to himself and now shares them selectively.

He is a practical type, who has very high ambitions. On his stony path to the top, he has certainly burned a few people. One of his beliefs is that life is far from easy and that people should always expect setbacks. This viewpoint makes him see life as a challenge. He is hard-working, and dedicates his life to the success of his work. His stamina and ability to focus on his goal have brought him to where he is now. He is stubborn, ambitious and industrious.

An object of love

Loving a “Tree-Deer” combination is a challenge. These explosive but shy creatures are slow to reveal what moves them, or what emotional state they are struggling with at the moment. They may share their thoughts quickly, but they do not express their feelings as easily. They are too attached to their vulnerability, which they loath to reveal.

Their passion always awakens when the mind takes a break, which happens rarely. Love is a reason for these people to be profoundly analytical. But they can offer loyalty and a sense of responsibility. They will never mention their strong need for support and love. Whoever wants De Niro to commit himself must learn to allow him to have his freedom. He needs avenues for retreat, if only to organise his many thoughts.

Our face reader’s advice

Dear Robert De Niro,

It may not be visible at first glance but you are a person that seeks harmony, inner peace and balance. So do not express only your thoughts, but also your feelings. Do not swallow anything, and do not keep too much to yourself.

Even if you always like to give everything, do not overdo it, since you need more time to recover. Be patient. Everything will come to you if you open up to people and avoid loneliness.

The inner helix of your ear is visible and reveals that you should seek personal fulfilment – but not at any cost. If necessary, reduce your intensity. Never forget your higher goals in life. You are an idealist who is committed to the highest standards. You should not see this as a burden, but as a star that you can look up to. It lights your path, but you do not need to reach it.

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