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Best of Friends: Celebrating the Love of Pups With SPCA

Oct 03, 2016

Andy On and Jessica C <br> Pictured with Charlie, Yorkshire Terrier <br> Location _ Upper House <br> Jewellery _ Piaget <br> Other pets: Our cats, Bruce Lee Lee, Abby and Ballz. <br> First time meeting our pets: It was love at first sight. <br> Our pets have taught us: How to wake up early. (They eat at 6 a.m.) <br> Since Charlie came into our lives: It's made it difficult to travel, because we always miss him. Those little "good-bye and see you soon’s” are never easy. But make coming home even sweeter. <br> Favourite memory with my pet: Too many (laughs). <br> Three words to describe Charlie: Jealous (he always has to be No. 1), loving and cute as hell. <br> Why is SPCA important for the community? Because animals are a part of the community and deserve to be treated with love and respect. Pets complete our family.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was incorporated in 1921. It may have since removed the “Royal” from its name but the mission to care for animals remains as strong as ever on its 95th anniversary.

The SPCA is Hong Kong’s oldest animal welfare organisation, with its roots in a group of volunteers that came together to help protect the city’s creatures in 1903. Heading towards its 100th year, the SPCA is preparing to open a new animal welfare centre in Tsing Yi. The centre will help further the SPCA’s programmes on humane education, promote animal welfare and advocate the need for legislative protection. The new location will also allow the society to increase the speed and responsiveness of its 24-hour animal-rescue work, provide high-quality veterinary services and create more opportunities for adoption for the animals awaiting homes.

To continue to change attitudes and create the centre, the society needs the support of people from all walks of life. The SPCA wants your support to build a city that accepts, loves and respects animals, allowing people and animals to live together in harmony.

Photography / Jesper McIlroy, Samantha Sin
Production / Jimmy Yu

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