​Mad About Dad Letters: Jason Capobianco to His Son, Theo - Hashtag Legend


​Mad About Dad Letters: Jason Capobianco to His Son, Theo

May 30, 2016

Jason Capobianco's letter to his son Theo pt. 1

In honour of Father’s Day, we invited famous personalities to pen candid and heartfelt notes to their children or to dad – try not to shed a tear while reading

To my little man Theo,

We’ve come a long way, you and I, since we first met that day in the hospital. I remember so well, the way that you stared at your other and I, your eyes very clearly said, “I’m here” with a look so full of character and independence. We both know that you were going to be bold enough to stand on your own two feet right from the start.

And from that day on, you became the teacher and I became the student, learning not only about your life, but also re-learning mine. Before I could teach you anything at all, first I had to teach myself, and at the same time I discovered that sharing knowledge and ideas to the next generation comes with a big responsibility, something I am still learning.

To share everything would take a lifetime, so today, we can only begin the conversation.

To start, you only need to be curious. And luckily all children are born with an abundance of that. Never grow out of this, no matter how old you get. A great many adventures are born out of curiosity.

Be open to everything, even those things you don’t yet understand, because that’s where you will find little bits of magic.

Know that all people are from the same family, we look different, speak differently, live differently, but always search for those things we share.

You were born with an infectious sense of humour and a laugh you can never contain. Make that one of your gifts to others. And in doing this you will realise that sharing is much more rewarding than winning.

Use these to start today’s adventures, because tomorrow we can find some more.

Much love little man, 

Your Papa.

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