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Mad About Dad: Letters With Donnie Yen, Michael Wong, Alex Lam and More

Jun 01, 2016

In honour of Father’s Day, we invited famous personalities to pen candid and heartfelt notes to their children or to dad – try not to shed a tear while reading:

Michael Wong to his children, Kayla, Irisa and Kadin Wong:

“Your childhood times are my most cherished moments in life, and I’m so grateful to have had them…” Read more here

James Yen to his dad, Donnie Yen:

“I drew a picture of black panther for you because he is strong and muscular just like you…” Read more here

Alex Lam to his dad, George Lam:

“Ever since I was little I have always been admiring you singing onstage and dreamed about how it might be to share your stage with you…” Read more here

Benedict Ku to his children, Briar and Annella Ku:

“For father’s day, I DON’T WANT breakfast in bed, nor peace and quiet, nor respect and obedience…“ Read more here

Jason Capobianco to his son, Theo:

“We’ve come a long way, you and I, since we first met that day in the hospital…” Read more here

Victoria Tang to her dad, Sir David Tang:

“Promise me this year you will try and explore life in the slow lane…” Read more here

Rachel Rockowitz to her dad, Bruce Rockowitz:

“When asked who my idol is, I wouldn’t think twice about answering ‘my dad’…” Read more here

Lee Tsui to her daughter, Ava:

"You have brought an innocent joy back into an old tired soul." Read more here​

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