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Convenience store challenge with chef Paddy McDermott

Mar 06, 2018

Watch Chef Paddy McDermott, of MEATS SoHo, join us for our inaugural Chefs Challenge video. We sent him to a local convenience store with HK$100 (roughly US$12) and tasked him with creating a full meal. 

Back at the Campfire Creative kitchen, he had access to a limited stock pantry: eggs, oil, flour, sugar and onions. He managed to turn a ham sandwich, some bread and milk into a perfectly fried Scotch egg and delicious bread and butter pudding for just HK$57. What did he do with the extra cash? Buy a few beers, for courage of course.

Special thanks to chef Paddy McDermott for his time and Campfire Creative for their beautiful kitchen. We promise, we cleaned up after. 

Chef / Paddy McDermott of MEATS SoHo

Direction & Concept / Kevin Ung and Sarah Engstrand 
Location / 
Campfire Creative

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Sarah Engstrand