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Convenience store challenge with chef Chris Grare

May 15, 2018

For our second episode of our Chef’s Challenge series, Chef Chris Grare from Lily and Bloom joins us for another sojourn into the wild wild west of Hong Kong’s convenience stores to showcase his culinary skills. We gave him HK$100 (roughly US$12) and tasked him with creating a full meal with nothing but pantry staples and ingredients from a convenience store.

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At the Campfire Creative kitchen, he had access to a pantry of everyday ingredients: eggs, oil, flour, sugar and onions. What did he come up with? A creative and delicious Ramen Gnocchi with BBQ Chicken leg and to top it off, a classic American favourite, deep-fried Oreos.  

Special thanks to chef Chris Grare for his time and Campfire Creative for their great kitchen.

Chef / Chris Grare of Lily and Bloom

Direction & Concept / Kevin Ung and Sarah Engstrand  
Location / 
Campfire Creative

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