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Boston Pizza shows us the best way to eat pizza in bed

Jun 19, 2018

What’s better than pizza? Pizza in bed. Taking lazy to the next level is Boston Pizza’s all-new pizza box design. Thanks to the two additional layers of cardboard and two supportive pieces that act as legs, this pizza box is a game changer. The box transforms into into the perfect TV dinner tray for your bed,= (or couch), making Netflix and chill just that little bit better. 

How is this only just happening right? Well, unfortunately, this game changing invention is not here to stay. Only available in Canada and apparently part of a Father’s Day campaign, this box design is not a long term blessing, but only a temporary tease.    

But, with the idea out there, hopefully this design will make its way to Hong Kong’s delivery scene and change our night-ins for the better. From a classic margarita to a meat lover’s delight, pizza is pizza and no matter what, that beautifully plain, brown cardboard box is enough to convince us that cheesy pizza in bed is better than a late night out. 

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