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The Best Looks From Dior Cruise 18

May 16, 2017

​ The Wild Wild West has always been an alluring subject. Perhaps it's the promise of prosperity and a brighter future. Dior captured the essence of manifest destiny and the California dreamin’ that everyone is channeling with their Cruise collection. Maria Grazia continued the conversation she initiated during the Valentino era — delicate embroidered tulle and modern modesty smacking of soft femininity — add the Western influences to bring the whole visual to one of modernity.  It’s one thing to have the bravery to propose Western looks in a country where Ralph Lauren hails from, but the Georgia O'Keefe-inspired looks, topped with hats by Stephen Jones (let's hope they get produced for retail) were decidedly contemporary, rich, and believable. Not that the glamper in us will tote a gun and ride into a sunset on horseback, but the ease of the longer length dresses and outerwear give the impression that we could do so in the chicest way possible. The lace prairie dresses can go down as some of the best this season.

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