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Artemis & Apollo: Authentic fuss-free Greek food in Hong Kong

Dec 03, 2018

Artemis & Apollo

Black Sheep Restaurants have been on a roll recently – first Fukuro (that crispy caramel butter corn though) and most recently Artemis & Apollo. This stylish yet unassuming Greek taverna is a quality addition that’s giving new life to the Star Street precinct alongside the OG Pici, Francis and BSR’s very own Le Garçon Saigon. 

Chef Andrée LeFuel

The two (almost) identical dining rooms are inspired by the twin Greek gods the restaurant was named after and feature white-washed walls, warm wood accents and olive-green banquettes that’ll immediately coax you into a slower and relaxed pace reminiscent of the easy Mediterranean lifestyle.  

Authentic Greek olive oil, honey, bread and wine will be available to buy from their larder

A good place (as always) to start is the wine list, which shows off some of the best and most interesting wines from all over Greece and pairs perfectly with the cold and hot mezze on offer. The roasted eggplant, hummus, Spanakopita (filo pastry stuffed with spinach and feta filo), fava mash and Saganaki Platonos (essentially fried cheese served with apricot – much like the group’s addictively moreish Argentine grilled Provolone cheese at Buenos Aires Polo Club and pan-fried halloumi with honey and figs at Maison Libanaise) are just a few of the must-trys. With plenty of warm pita, of course. 

All the dishes are best enjoyed as sharing plates

The spit-roasted meats – the chicken and pork, which has the most delicious char on the outside, were our personal favourites – are served on a platter family-style with herbs and vegetables and freshly-made pita and your choice of sauces (Harissa, garlic or herbed yoghurt, tomato harissa or tahini) so you can DIY your own wrap. If you’re particularly hungry, opt for the lamb chops as well as the grilled octopus and tangy beet served on a bed of red lentils to share. 

For those who like unpretentious dining but quality food, good wine and relaxed surroundings, Artemis & Apollo certainly hits the spot. 

Artemis & Apollo, 9 & 11 Moon Street, Wan Chai, +852 2818 8681, 

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