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The Art of Plating With Chef Vicky Lau

Mar 15, 2017

​In anticipation of Hong Kong Art Week, #legend has met with four of the city’s best chefs to watch them do what they do best: make culinary masterpieces. In the first Art of Plating video, Chef Vicky Lau shows us how she prepares her ‘Ode to a Chiu Chow Classic’. Inspired by her father’s home, the dish combines steamed foie gras royale with tender, marinated goose meat, and a mouth-watering soy sauce. Chef Vicky is the owner of recently re-opened Tate Restaurant & Bar, a Michelin-starred restaurant serving up an eclectic mix of French and Asian cuisine. Her dishes, known as 'Edible Stories' are meant to evoke feelings of desire, inspiration, harmony and even obsession in each guest.

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