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The Art of Plating with Chef Shane Osborn

Mar 27, 2017

​​In the final instalment of #legend's Art of Plating series, chef Shane Osborn shows us how he prepares his Crapaudine beetroot dish, a dynamic feature on Arcane's new "Meat Free Monday" menu. Redefining the way people view vegetarian cuisine, chef Osborn's dish is so much more than a boring salad. "Clean eating is something that is very important to me," says the Aussie chef, "and cutting out meat once in a while is good for us all." This dish isn't just intended for herbivores, Osborn hopes these flavourful dishes will inspire meat-eaters to embrace a healthier, vegetable-centric lifestyle. This vibrant dish is an homage to Osborn's beloved beetroot, an Australian favourite.

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