#obsessed: Stefan Gunnesch recalibrates all-time favourite #legend covers

Six #legend covers digitised and reinterpreted as you’ve never seen them before

Stefan Gunnesch is a collage and book artist who lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. Gunnesch’s practice focuses on themes such as the human body, its dissolution and its reinterpretation through the interplay of different layers, textures, shapes and colours. Through his work, Gunnesch tries to connect with the audience’s feelings, memories and associations. Scroll down to see his recalibration of some of #legend’s most celebrated covers.

Recalibration of the July 2017 cover of Chiara Ferragni
Recalibration of the September 2016 cover of CL
Recalibration of the April 2017 cover of David Beckham

“It’s always about finding oneself, stimulating ref lection and tracing one’s own body and thereby identity.”

Stefan Gunnesch
Recalibration of the January | February 2020 cover of Rachel Min-young Park
Recalibration of the January 2021 cover of Rainie Yang
Recalibration of the December 2016 cover of will.i.am

Swipe to see the new interpretations next to the originals

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