#legend100ootd: with Wilfred Wong and Stephanie Au

#goodjeans by Wilfred Wong

Photo: Wilfred Wong | @thatwilfred

Denim will never go out of style. Dare we say, not even when it’s doubled up. For a fresh but timeless take on the Canadian Tuxedo, try mixing old and new, like a raw denim jacket with faded, worn-in jeans. Looking for contrast and dimension? Mix light and dark instead. No matter the wash or wear, fit can’t be underestimated. There’s the traditional look that’s more fitted. Go ever so slightly too small for a rocker/hipster look. Or, an oversize silhouette can never go wrong.

#betterhalf by Stephanie Au

Photo: Stephanie Au | @stephaniehsau

Follow in the footsteps of Stephanie Au and slip into some seriously hip statement bottoms this spring. Popping colours, bold prints, buckles, buttons, brocades in styles of all sorts – skinny, harem, billowing cargo, wide-leg, straight-leg – boldly go where denim and neutrals cannot. Remember, though, to keep the top half simple, whether it’s worn with killer heels or twee flats, with tailored blazers or easy-T combos and let your legs do the talking!

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