#legend100does: Hot happenings in October 2022

We’ve asked our community for the hottest events they’ve marked down in their diaries this month. Be it art, food or entertainment, our plugged-in friends know what’s happening

Bhumika Gurung @bbybhum

“Restaurant-wise, I’ve been hearing loads about Chaat at Rosewood, and it’s definitely on my list to visit soon if the reservations allow! Especially for someone who loves Indian food and is of Nepali heritage, I would love to experience what it has to offer.

In terms of collaborations, as a fitness professional, I’d love to collaborate with other fitness professionals as well as brands to promote the lifestyle and what I specialise in, which is indoor cycling. And I definitely recommend XYZ, which is where I currently work. We have a fantastic line-up of instructors, and not only do we offer indoor cycling/spin, but also HIIT, dance, yoga, singing bowl meditation and more!”

@chaathongkong @youarexyz @rosewoodhongkong

Aiko Narissara Yeung @aikonari.art

Photo: @aikonari.art | Instagram

“As an artist myself, there’s no better way to spend an afternoon than at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. They have so many exhibitions, and it’s such a great way to get in touch with your more creative side. After, I’d recommend taking the Star Ferry to the other side and grabbing a drink at Argo at the Four Seasons. Their special chocolate-flavoured negroni is amazing!

Then, for dinner, Yakitori Torisho on Wyndham Street is a great spot – all of their skewers are baked on a charcoal fire, and they have an extensive list of wines and sakes to pair with. And, of course, dinner isn’t complete without some sweets, and Gelato Messina is my absolute go-to!”

@hkmoa @yakitori.torisho.hk @gelatomessinahk @argobarhk

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Ding Ding @ding_2

Photo: @ding_2 | Instagram

“If there’s one thing that I’ve really learned to appreciate more during the past couple of years, it’s the many great places we have close to home. Cheung Chau has been a destination that I’ve enjoyed visiting as of late. The food, the environment, the people – it really does have a life of its own, and it’s just the perfect weekend getaway. There are so many restaurants and different food spots on the island, but Valor and Bannachi have been two of my favourites.

The island’s also home to some amazing hiking trails and beaches, and I highly recommend going for a short hike after lunch or chilling under the sun at the beaches with your friends.”

@valor_cheungchau @bannichi.cc

Saffie Ng @saffiesaffie

“Life is a beautiful poem and the seasons are the pages to turn, and this past season has been fruitful for me, having worked on a number of projects, including nutrition fitness coaching, teaching yoga, modelling and launching three new online Get Fit courses on my very own wellness platform. Even though it’s been engaging, I still make an effort to soak up a healthy amount of vitamin D every single day. I like visiting Sai Kung and island hopping via kayaking, practising yoga on the beach and hiking along the MacLehose Trail. Where do I get all the energy? My answer is superb time management and a delicious healthy breakfast.

If you’re a sourdough lover like me, you’ll love Little Cove Espresso – it offers many hearty topping choices and is always satisfying. After a day in the sun, a light salad with a refreshing cocktail or two at the secluded St. Barts
is a perfect way to unwind. Sometimes I book a room at the WM Hotel, enjoy the starry night on the private rooftop and then awake the next morning to pristine panoramic sea views. There’s no getting out of doing hard work in life, but it’s beneficial to have a well-thought-out reward system to keep a balanced lifestyle. After all, how can it be a ballad if you don’t enjoy every moment of your sonnet?”

@littlecove.espresso @stbartshk @wmhotelhk

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Subi Tse @subez.yeti

“I love going to the Hong Kong Museum of History. I used to go there every month when I was a kid because Tuesdays and Wednesdays were free admissions. Also, I really like the old Hong Kong history deco they have. Another museum I enjoy visiting is the Tsz Shan Monastery Buddhist Art Museum, but you need to book online a month in advance!

After that, there’s nothing better than to visit Mong Kok for street food; there’s so much good food around! You can skip dinner and just eat and chill on the streets with your homies. It’s vibe. Or if you prefer to sit down and dine, Ghetto Café is a great choice. Everything is so delicious, especially their burgers, and the interiors are unique with graffitied walls. You’ll want to go back again and again. Club Feather Boa is a great place to go after dinner. Their strawberry and banana daiquiris are amazing – the outside of the cup is covered with cocoa powder; it feels like dessert but with alcohol.

Belowground in Landmark is another one of my favourite places. They always have guest DJs doing recordings or podcasts there, and for shopping, definitely check out Asterisk – they have all kinds of amazing stuff!”

@hkmuseums @ghetto.hk @belowground.hk @weareasterisk

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