#legend100: Charles Lam on the everchanging influencer landscape

Photo: Charles Lam

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a full-time influencer? There’s no one better to ask than Charles Lam aka. @char1es. Having worked with an impressive portfolio of luxury brands including IWC, Hermès and Dior Homme, the #legend100 influencer and creative director spoke to us about his insights on the digital frontier and future of influencer marketing.

How did you get into influencer marketing?

I never thought that I would end up being a full-time influencer. I came into the scene when Instagram was still developing, and I subsequently became part of the first generation of Hong Kong influencers. I was also one of the earlier male influencers who branched out to cover fashion week in major fashion capitals. I had the opportunity to publish “BEHIND the SCENE”, a pictorial book slash autobiography that documented key moments in my career.

Photo: Charles Lam

Where do you think influencer marketing is heading next?

Living under this global pandemic and social distancing guidelines, brands rely more on influencers and the digital space it inhabits for content. Instagram continues to be a powerful tool for brands and isndependent creators to express themselves creatively. I believe that influencers should adopt a layered approach and be open to testing out new social platforms to enrich their storytelling.

How are you keeping your content fresh without the luxury of travelling abroad to picturesque spots? 

Besides Instagram, I’m expanding my reach by launching my own Youtube channel. I would like to break through from this perfectionist persona and document the more candid moments in my everyday life. Through Youtube, I’m able to craft lifestyle content that’s dynamic, spontaneous and lively. 

What are your hacks on beating the algorithm? Any tips you can disclose?

It’s challenging to work around the algorithm as it changes too quickly. I was actually looking forward to Instagram to integrate the new policy of banning likes to Hong Kong so that we get to fixate less on data and numbers and spend more effort on building authentic content.

Photo: Charles Lam

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