Jen Balisi is best known for her foodie account, Indulgent Eats, which boasts a following of over 370k food lovers. A New Yorker in Hong Kong with an affinity for both travel and food, Balisi’s multicultural food content allows her followers to travel the world just by scrolling through her feed. While studying and working at a digital marketing company in New York, she used this opportunity to explore the wealth of cheap eats and Michelin-star restaurants in Manhattan and beyond. Eager to share with her family and friends, this was the start of her food blog, Indulgent Eats. After coming back to Hong Kong, she has landed partnerships with global brands such as McDonald’s, American Express, Absolut and Jollibee. Balisi published her first cookbook consisting of 60 different dishes from a variety of cuisines and eventually opened her own restaurant, Barkada, serving modern Filipino cuisine. She is incredibly proud of her achievements and is excited to continue sharing dishes that will bridge the gap between cultures to foster new connections.

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