Gareth Tong, who also goes by Gareth T, is a Hong Kong-born R&B singer-songwriter-producer. He attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he honed his skills in music theory and production. From then on, he has become a rising star in both the music and fashion worlds. His hit song Boyfriend Material has generated 18 million Spotify streams and a solid fan base. Tong’s passion for music started in primary school, where he learned to play the violin and piano. After listening to Michael Jackson and Eminem’s music, he was inspired to create his tunes. This was the beginning of a successful career for Tong. This young musician also wrote the track Something for Tyson Yoshi, which attracted the attention of Mirror’s Keung To, who asked Tong to write the song Master Class – quickly becoming a top hit. His charm and versatility make him appealing to a diverse range of audiences, including the young and trendy who admire his unique fashion sense and relatable content.

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