Denis Kwok is a rising star in the entertainment industry, known for his candid character and towering height of 192.3 cm. After debuting with the Cantopop quartet Error, formed through the 2018 reality survival show Good Night Show – King Maker, Kwok gained popularity for his outspoken charm and willingness to speak his mind. Before his career as a singer, television presenter and actor, he studied psychology and received a degree from Bangor University. He lives by the saying ‘If you try, you might succeed. If you don’t try, you’ll never succeed’. This shows how Kwok is not afraid of failure and stays true to himself while remaining passionate about his diverse career. His ability to be honest and take risks has inspired and continues to motivate others to pursue their passions without the fear of failure or criticism. While being an inspiration to his fans, Kwok recognises that he is also still in the process of developing his singing skills and continues to take classes to be acknowledged as a singer, artist and a TV presenter.

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