Ashley Lin

Chinese-Taiwanese songwriter, actress, and architecture student Ashley Lin is the daughter of celebrity parents Mimi Kung and Wei Lin. At just 23, she’s already graced the covers of multiple magazines (including #legend), been to Fashion Week several times, and partnered with luxury brands such as Dior, Fendi and Louis Vuitton. Lin is also a multitalented artist who showed exceptional talent in piano and vocals from a young age. She began as a bel canto singer in the classical music and opera arena but switched to jazz after a vocal cord injury. Lin stated that she sees similarities between singing and acting, and likes to prepare for acting roles by writing songs and creating playlists inspired by the character she plays. Lin believes that today’s audience values seeing artists grow and develop, rather than presenting a perfect image. Her goal focuses on bringing out the artistic side of the industry and connecting it with other fields such as Hong Kong film, architecture and literature.

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