Remember your Legends: Anthony Bourdain

I spent two hours with Anthony Bourdain. When I arrived for our interview (early) 
there he was. Sitting alone in the lobby of the Peninsula hotel, one long leg crossed over the other, casually scrolling through his Twitter. 
It was remarkably normal. He, this giant of
 the industry, Titan of my youth, made me feel instantly at ease. He even laughed at the notion someone could be nervous around him. He told me that working with Christopher Doyle was the last thing on his bucket list— but he’d think of more – and that he was the happiest 
he had ever been. He became giddy when he spoke about unusual camera angles, and pairing music to his Instagram stories. He wanted to talk about artists and cinema, and he wanted to connect. He was thoughtful and smart and sincere, and honestly – a little nerdy. It was 
all of that combined, that pure, unflinching authenticity, that connected him so fiercely to people around the world. Whether you knew him from his books, his interviews or his programmes, you knew him. Rest in peace, Anthony Bourdain.

This feature originally appeared in July/August print issue of #legend.

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