Louise Wong Talks Fashion Then and Now

Outfit by Marc Jacobs

Louise Wong is out to conquer the world of modelling, one fashion capital at a time. #legend follows her to New York, where she rules, 1970s street style.

How long have you been modelling?

Nine years, since I was 17. 

Outfit by Marc Jacobs

How did you get your start?

I entered a modelling competition at 16. It was for Elite Model Look Asia Pacific. I won a series of competitions to represent Hong Kong and I won. To this day, I am the only finalist from Hong Kong to have won the title.

How has the industry changed since you have been part of it?

Previously, the market was all about models and modelling. KOLS and social media have really changed this. Models now have the space to have other talents, and the brands can connect directly with the talent. The way that models are booked for jobs is different too. Before, a client would head to the agency website to find talent. That is not necessarily the case anymore.  Self-promotion is so important. It’s not about just making things look good. It’s about the image of the brand and the product that we have to consider. That wasn’t always the case. Lifestyle storytelling is important.

Outfit by Marc Jacobs

Social media is…

Very important,  more than ever.

Who is the most Insta-famous person you have ever met?

I just met Chiara Ferragni at a Michael Kors show. I happened to be sitting next to her and I really lucked out that I knew the photographer and asked to have our picture taken. I totally was a fan. She is so sweet and nice, and easy going. I would love to be more like her. She seems smart. She has created her own brand, her own world.

Outfit by Marc Jacobs

Do you want to talk about acting? It seems like a natural progression.

I have been modelling for a long time and for all kinds of different jobs. Modelling is acting without talking. People can’t necessarily feel emotions. This is what interests me about acting. I would love to be able to express myself creatively through acting.

Outfit by Marc Jacobs

Can you sing?

I’m very shy. Funnily enough my agency persuaded me to join a singing competition last year.

How was it?

It was different from modelling. I was so nervous because I had never before sang in front of an audience. There were so many people in the shopping mall for the taping of  a Chinese television show. It was fun though. The feeling of excitement was the same as the first time I modelled in a competition.

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Would you let your daughter pursue modelling?

Right now, I would prefer for her not to do any commercial jobs. I think special, personal projects are fine, but I just want her to be a kid, to play with toys, to be curious and to have fun.

How old is she?

Three years and three months. She has just started at international school. We have these dreams about living on a ranch somewhere outside of Hong Kong. I want her to be comfortable with English.


Yes, my boyfriend Sheldon and I have been together for almost two years. He is wonderful. He has been so supportive of me and my career. He motivates me to be my best. He is a singer  and actor, and so is very comfortable performing. He sings all the time, around the house, when I am cooking. It’s nice. He is amazing with my daughter.

Outfit by Marc Jacobs

If you could only choose 10 people to follow on Instagram. Who would they be and why?

@ireneisgood – I love her style. She has such a great face.

@theblondesalad – She doesn’t wear crazy stuff but I find her style is quite accessible. I like it when she interjects street style with luxury products.

@pearypie – She is an amazing make-up artist from Thailand. Her tutorials are the best. She has a school in Thailand and the best attitude.

@_megbaby_ She is ultra-luxe. She has the “in” for all of the most exclusive and covetable items. I check her feed to see what’s new. She is gorgeous.

@caramcgilroy – Another model from Hong Kong. She has two kids and seems to balance work and life so well. I love her lifestyle.

@handinfire – She has the best style ever. I love her distinctive hairstyle. She is the definition of fierce.

@susiebubble – I have so much respect for her. She has been blogging for more than 10 years. I like how she wears colourful clothes and she isn’t scared to mix prints with colour. That is inspiring.

@mademoiselle_yulia – I met her at a Vivienne Westwood show. She has a great style. I think it’s so cool that she is a DJ.

@ohhcouture – I follow her Instagram feed for travel inspiration. She is always at an interesting or exotic place.

@sheldon_lo – Physical health is important to him and he is such a positive influence. He has overcome so many obstacles, it’s inspiring.

Outfit by Marc Jacobs

Any plans for the future?

I want to be a fashion icon in Hong Kong. I would love to have a fashion brand someday. After that I want to have a cafe that serves healthy food.

Photography / Sloan Laurits
Styling / Kim Bui Kollar
Wardrobe / Marc Jacobs
Model / Louise Wong
Producer / Dora Fung
Make-up / Hubei Har and Kumiko Hirose

Hair /Taichi Saito
Photography  Assistants / Lea Winkler and Justice Richardson

Marc Jacobs Snapshot bag

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