Fitness Guru Hannah Bronfman on Booty Workouts and Dealing With Negativity

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She’s the trending It Girl of the New York social set, she DJs, models and runs a fitness business. Hannah Bronfman probably has more likes than you too.

#: You’re a DJ, founder of HBfit, model and digital media maven. Out of these personalities, which one do you prefer most?

I think they all are intrinsic to each other. You can’t really separate them because they are all so intertwined. You DJ something and you Instagram about it, and it keeps you in the door with brands. And it becomes more of a 360 deal, and you end up modelling for the brand. It’s one of those things where they all play off each other.

#: You’ve really made a name for yourself via social media. It propelled you to stardom. How important are these digital platforms to you? Could you imagine life without them?

I definitely cannot imagine a world without them. For the last four-and-a-half years I’ve really been able to use these outlets to my advantage. I’m not trying to take advantage of the system. I’m using these things to showcase my lifestyle. It definitely has its ups. I love social media. It actually comes very natural to me, which I’m very thankful for. I have friends who still don’t get Snapchat. I think Snapchat and Instagram are very different.

#: When do you use the two apps?

Instagram is a curated version of my life and Snapchat is the real thing, #nofilter.

#: We’re all guilty of painting a more beautiful and glamorous lifestyle on social media. It seems you’re super healthy. How much of this persona is you?

That’s why I like the balance between Instagram and Snapchat because if someone’s following me on both, I think it gives them a really well-rounded, 360-degree view of my life. Yes, I’m DJ-ing and flying around the world, and I’m living a healthy lifestyle, but I also eat, I drink, I go out with my friends. Sometimes you don’t get the best reaction from someone who has maybe thought one way about me, which is why I also really like the duality of the both of them. Instagram can lead you to believe other things, but I try to be as real on both, but I can’t really help what people think or feel.

#: To a lot of younger women, or women in general, you’re a role model. Does that put pressure on you? Does it come with responsibilities?

I definitely feel like it comes with responsibility, but I don’t think that’s a lot of pressure. I’ve got younger siblings. So I thought that way half of my life. But, to me, that responsibility is kind of intrinsic. I always try to lead by example. I believe that what you say is what you do. I really try to do that on social media.

#: Social media can be a bit like reality television. People know so much about you and your fiancé, Brendan Fallis. Where do you draw the line? How much are you willing to share?

We are very open, but there are definitely things that we don’t share. I haven’t really thought about it from a drawing-the-line perspective. For me, unless I’ve got a beautiful piece of content that I want to share, then I’m not sharing it. And the intimate moments I’m not necessarily recording. We love to push each other, and we love to inspire each other. And we do a lot of those acro-yoga poses. That’s one of the things that we put on the ’Gram all the time. We set those photos up. We go to the gym and we get it done.

#: Do you feel much pressure to conform to a certain type of beauty? Do people expect you to look a certain way?

I don’t consider myself a conventional model and I don’t necessarily feel the pressure of conventional beauty. I celebrate the fact that I’m a mixed girl, and I think that that’s something people resonate with. I’m not necessarily a size zero and I don’t weigh 100 pounds. And I’m fine with that. I’ve always been the same that I’ve been.

#: You were in the Clinique campaign. I’m sure you must have a number of beauty secrets?

I love face masks. I’m really into Korean beauty: all the serums and technology and everything. I’m more into eating your way to being beautiful as opposed to achieving it topically. I really try to have nourishing amounts, whether it’s eating lots of avocado or coconuts. I’m much more into the idea that beauty comes from within. The whole reason why I even got inspired to go on this health journey was because my stomach was in a crazy position. I found out that I had leaky gut. It’s not cute, but it put me on a path to understanding my body.

#: What keeps you awake at night? Anything?

Yeah, there are so many things – mainly my company, HBfit. It has really turned into a website for like-minded women who want to learn more. We’re a team of three. It’s me, my writer and my editorial director. We put out 30 pieces of content a month. We do editorials and have brands that pay for coverage.

#: Do you ever have any doubts about what it is you do, your work or your plans for the future?

Yeah, of course. I don’t wake up every day thinking that I’m going to f***ing kill it. Of course, a sense of self-confidence is amazing, and I definitely have that, but there are certain challenges that everyone faces. 

But I definitely think about: “OK, am I going to be able to do this? Do I need to pace myself? Is it something I can attain in a three-step goal? Can I accomplish this part of it today and then I’ll get to where I need to be in a week?” I’m realistic about attaining goals. 

#: You’re famous for your booty workout. What’s your favourite?

You’re on all fours and then you put one leg out and lift it up and over. I would be lying to you if I said squats.

#: Do you have a motto?

Mind right, body tight.

#: Who do you follow on Instagram?

I love Caroline [Vreeland]. I know you guys interviewed her recently. We’re actually birthday twins. We’re born the same day and the same year. We’re very different, but I love her so much. And I love her Instagram, her Snapchat. I also follow someone called Valleybrink Road, and she does these really beautiful, curated boxes. She’ll put dried flowers and chocolates and beauty products.

#: How much do you interact with your followers and fans?

I think I’m really engaged. If there’s one thing you have, it’s time. And I think it’s really a shame not to make a connection.

#: How do you deal with negative feedback?

I delete comments. It’s not worth one of your other followers getting upset over that. We don’t have time for that.

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