Dizzy Dizzo drops new single ft. rapper Al Rocco

Dizzy Dizzo and Al Rocco

This month’s #legend cover star, Australian-Taiwanese singer Dizzy Dizzo (a.k.a Dominque Choo) has just released her new music video with Hong Kong rapper Al Rocco, who is now based in Shanghai. Through her music, Dizzy wants her fans to learn that “you must believe in yourself and be brave enough to be what you want to be.” The addictive trap beat and confident lyrics show a different and more edgy side of Dizzy. 

In the song Dizzy is trying to convey that people from all different walks of lives, all bring their own ‘sauce’ (read: individual talent) to the world and rather than trying to do things for other people, you should stay true to what you want – much like she has throughout her music career. The music video plays on this by cheekily referencing to the name of the song by shooting in a supermarket. 

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