#legendchats: Tiffany Chan, founder of No.HYP

Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany Chan

As the daughter of Boby and Shirley Chan, founders of one of Hong Kong’s most iconic fashion labels, Moiselle, Tiffany Chan has been immersed in fashion from a young age. Having graduated with a degree in fashion marketing and promotions from London College of Fashion, she’s also recently launched her own label of casual wear called No.HYP.

We caught up with Tiffany about No.HYP’s origins, making it on her own, and the importance of carving out some ‘me time’ each week. 

Can you give us a little background info on No.HYP?

No.HYP was founded in 2018 – its name is an abbreviation of ‘Novel Hypothesis’, which looks and sounds a bit like ‘no hype.’ I wanted to create a casual, streetwear label with the “if you know, you know” vibe.

What led you to start your own label?

My family is also in the fashion industry, so I grew up experiencing and absorbing fashion in almost every form. Fashion is a very powerful tool; it enables us to express ourselves freely and it’s something I’ve always been very drawn to.

My philosophy is that fashion should be accessible, as there are no rules on what’s right and wrong. That’s why I wanted to start my own label of easy-to-wear pieces that can be seamlessly worked into anyone’s closet. 

Photo: No.HYP
Photo: No.HYP
Photo: No.HYP

You’re on your second collection of T-shirts now. How do you come up with the messages on them?

I really value the importance of “me time” and I need to give myself a few hours each week to be on my own. I’m often inspired during this time, whether I’m driving around, listening to music, and just lost in my own thoughts. I came up with No.HYP’s second collection, Note to Self, during the early days of the COVID lockdown. It was important to me to spread a bit of happiness and positive energy with my second line, so I came up with cute and heart-warming graphics with ironic phrases and quotes. Simple words with big ideas. 

Photo: No.HYP

Your T-shirts are made with anti-microbial technology- what does that mean for the wearer? 

The anti-microbial technology applied to No.HYP’s T-shirts is called SILVADUR™; which means that the T-shirt itself can effectively control bacterias that can cause unpleasant odours, decay and discolourations in textile fabrics.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in starting your label and running your business?

I think time management is the most important skill set that each and every one of us has to master, eventually. Since I had a very small team when I first launched No.HYP, I had to handle everything from design and production to marketing and PR. Production timeline is essential for a clothing brand as each collection launch has a specific message that’s trending and relevant, and it’s important to stay on track with these deadlines.

Has COVID-19 changed the way you approach the business and your designs?

Totally. No.HYP’s second collection is based on our post-COVID-19 lifestyle, which includes working from home and the uncertainties and fears of the unknown.

Photo: No.HYP

What’s next for No.HYP? Your website says ‘T-shirts first, accessories later’…

I’m happy to say that we’re expanding the team with new talents and creatives joining the brand in 2021. I’m looking to launch other garment categories too that focus on craftsmanship. Hopefully, we should have some more surprises later this year to show you all!

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