The highlights of Paris Men’s Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2025

Kiki Lyu checks out the highlights by Dior, Dries Van Noten, Louis Vuitton, Kenzo, and Hermès on the runways of Paris Men’s Fashion Week 


In the Dior Men’s 25SS collection, Kim Jones pays tribute to South African ceramist Hylton Nel by showcasing the importance of craftsmanship and the timeless value of art. In this collection, the tones are natural and subdued, with oatmeal and earthy hues taking centre stage. The collection’s designs blend practicality and luxury, featuring rounded silhouettes and handcrafted details that highlight Dior’s signature elegance and innovative spirit.

Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten’s final show at Paris Men’s Fashion Week celebrated his illustrious career with a collection that echoed his mastery of sartorial artistry. The play of opacity and transparency, along with his signature use of rich colours and sophisticated details like Suminagashi prints, underscored his enduring influence and commitment to innovation in menswear fashion.

Louis Vuitton

Under Pharrell Williams’ direction, Louis Vuitton’s latest collection embodies a global narrative of unity and connectivity. The collection’s palette and motifs, including saturated cartographic imagery and digitalized animal skins, vividly reflect a vibrant celebration of life on Earth, echoing Williams’ vision of Louis Vuitton as a catalyst for international dialogue and harmony.


Kenzo’s Paris Men’s Fashion Week showcase merges Japanese heritage with Parisian flair, reflecting a distinctive merging of tradition and innovation. Nigo’s collaboration with the Japanese graphic artist Verdy brings a dynamic infusion of animated graphic artistry to the brand’s iconic designs.


Hermès’ latest collection focuses on a relaxed summer style with pleated Bermuda shorts, soft tones, and belted outerwear. Inspired by everything from nature to cityscapes, the designs embodied comfort and luxury through selected fabrics and cuts. This collection appeals to contemporary men seeking stylish yet functional fashion.

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