Skims and Lane Crawford opens Valentine’s pop-up in Chengdu

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Skims has dropped a limited 60-plus-piece collection replete with Barbie-pink V-Day colours and motifs

Skims x Lane Crawford Pop-up in Chengdu

Packs of Fits everybody panties and soft bras are dotted with pink hearts, and come in marigold yellow and creamy white. There’s also a selection of lace-lined cami bodysuits and more statement-making hot-pink slip dresses with red silk as well as a selection of latex items for the more daring of lovebirds. Sportier items include socks and caps with slogans such as “Out of Sight, In My Mind” and “Love Me for Me”.

Skims x Lane Crawford wrapped bus in Chengdu

Available exclusively at Lane Crawford, the Kim Kardashian-founded shapewear brand is also launching its first-ever Valentine’s pop-up store in Chengdu. Held right outside the Lane Crawford store at the Chengdu IFS mall, the pop-up is a hot-pink box with rounded edges. Doors slide open to reveal a cosy boudoir with boxes of underwear to grab and go as well as changing rooms for those who want to check the fit. Skims’ signature Fits Everybody, Seamless Sculpt and Cotton collections are also on display for those looking for a regular replenishment.

But this is obviously not all of it. As we know to expect from both Skims and Lane Crawford, they either go big or go home. Look up the podium from the pop-up, you’ll see banners meters long stretching across floors from the ceiling of the mall. There’s a bus around town wrapped head to toe in Skims pink. Chengdu’s Tianfu IFC Twin Towers have also been taken over with a Skims video on loop. Anywhere you look around town, you’ll find that bubblegum pink lest we forget that this is the brand’s first Chengdu pop-up. Most of the banners say “Skims <3 You”. They’re clearly happy to be here and if we’re being honest, we’re pretty glad they’re here too. Makes Valentine’s shopping a hell of a lot easier.

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