Love redefined: high-end brands’ luxurious approach to romance

As Valentine’s Day approaches, love is not just in the air but also intricately woven into the fabric of luxury brands worldwide. From Moschino to the iconic Cartier, these prestigious names are leaving no stone unturned to make Valentine’s Day 2024 an unforgettable celebration of love. Let’s explore how these brands are spreading the magic of love this Valentine’s season


Milan’s renowned fashion house, Moschino, is captivating hearts with its enchanting tale of love expressed through a captivating collection of shoes and accessories adorned with whimsical heart-shaped motifs. Moschino’s unique narrative approach ensures that its unmistakable brand identity shines through, making it a definite standout in the realm of luxury.


Swarovski, the epitome of modern-era jewellery, joins the celebration of love with its mesmerising #TheWonderofLove campaign. This Valentine’s, Swarovski unveils a diverse collection of jewellery designs, each intricately crafted to tell the timeless tale of love through the glistening allure of crystals and the prominent display of heart motifs. The brand’s Valentine’s collection is a symphony of sparkle that resonates with romance and style.


While it may not be a campaign directly targeting Valentine’s Day, it cannot be denied that #CartierLoveIsRed is a campaign that embodies the essence of love stylishly and completely. Cartier is one of the brands that never fails to impress, especially with the brand’s signature items such as the red box, iconic jewellery items, and a simple yet extraordinary video narrative.

Marc Jacobs

The short video series introducing the festival of love from Marc Jacobs, through the lens of Jack Webb and the vision of Alexandra Lesse, comprises three short videos that convey a diverse and truly genderless story of love. While this series may not include the launch of seasonal products like other brands, considering the brand’s authenticity and what Marc Jacobs consistently strives to promote and convey, this campaign can be seen as a significant tool in expressing these stories with tangible impact.

Oscar de la Renta

The legendary luxury fashion house, Oscar De La Renta, celebrates the festival of love with the unveiling of a collection of exquisitely designed jewellery. Presented through a still-life album format, this collection showcases a plethora of items including rings, earrings, bracelets, and much more. While lacking in video narratives like some other brands, it would not be an overstatement to say that the still-life album of gifts for the Valentine’s festival from Oscar De La Renta is more than sufficient for narrating a warm, luxurious, and profoundly elegant Valentine’s Day tale all at once.

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