#legendloves: Louis Vuitton’s new sustainable sneakers

While this isn’t their first venture into the sustainable sphere, Louis Vuitton still brings something new in their latest sustainable release. The new sneaker, Charlie, is the house’s first unisex and sustainble shoe. Not only that, Charlie promises to be Louis Vuitton’s most environmentally-friendly silhouette yet.

What makes it so eco-conscious is the fact that the entire shoe is almost completely made of recycled and bio-sourced materials. The upper (which refers to the part of the shoe that covers the whole foot) uses a synthetic fabric created from recycled polyester and a plastic that’s derived from corn. Corn-based plastics are typically biodegradable and edible, but we wouldn’t recommend putting that to the test.

Photo: Louis Vuitton

Ever heard of ECONYL? Neither had we until the Charlie Sneaker. ECONYL is a 100% recycled nylon and it’s what the laces on Charlie are made of. It’s said to be virtually the same as new nylon, except it’s recyclable. Another recycled material on the shoes is the sole, which is constructed from 94% recycled rubber. To top it all off, the shoe box is 100% recycled cardboard. We’d be surprised if it wasn’t. The box will only be available in two sizes. The limited size options allow the brand to conserve roughly 70% on materials. 

Photo: Louis Vuitton

Fabrics and materials aside, just because what’s in the shoe is so eco-friendly doesn’t mean Louis Vuitton skimped on the look of the shoe. Sleek and chic, the largely white shoe comes in a low-top and high-top version. With the iconic LV logo in black on the side, the shoe makes for a  simple, but classy finishing touch to any outfit. Not as gaudy and eye-catching as some other luxury shoes might be, the Charlie Sneaker could be just the ticket for anyone seeking an understated addition to their shoe selection. Being unisex, the sneakers will be sold in a wide range of sizes, from size 34 to 47.

Shop the collection when it drops on 12 November 2021 on louisvuitton.com

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