#legendloves: Dr. Martens x Basquiat Collection

Dr. Martens and Artestar are teaming up once again to release another art-inspired collection. This will be their second collaborative collection in honour of renowned artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. 

Photo: Dr. Martens

In the new collection, Dr. Martens is reimagining their 1460 boot (their iconic combat boots), their 1461 shoe (their classic oxford shoe) and a backpack as canvases for Basquiat’s artwork. If you’re unfamiliar with his work, here’s what to expect – loud, explosive colours and a lot of intensity. Much of his work discusses contrast, like wealth and poverty or integration and segregation, and involves social commentary. 

For more of a statement art look, go for the boots. Printed with Basquiat’s ‘Untitled’ (1982) on the sides of the boots, you’ll find a face with an open mouth standing out against a blue background, making for boots that stand out. 

Photo: Dr. Martens

Opt for the Oxfords if you’re in the mood for a more subtle artsy vibe. Featuring ‘Pez Dispenser’ (1984), the red and yellow dinosaur on the side of the shoe add a pop of brightness against the black shoe. 

Photo: Dr. Martens

Sadly, the matching backpack for the boots is not available in Hong Kong, so we’ll just have to make do with the artistic footwear.  

Shop the collection at Dr. Martens

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