Ferragamo joins Art March with artist Oscar Wang

Ferragamo and multidisciplinary artist Oscar Wang joined forces to launch a co-creation art experience “Long Time No Hug” at their Landmark store in Hong Kong

Oscar Wang collaborates with Ferragamo for Art March

During the period of March 28 to April 4, Ferragamo has transformed its Landmark store into a co-creation art space for a multisensory experience. This art experience is aimed at bridging the visual, aural, and tactile dimensions to address this proliferating disconnect between people and offer a remedy.

At the centre of its creative inspiration is Ferragamo’s Hug handbag. This handbag symbolises the joy of meeting guests with its unique design and delicate soft touch: warm embrace, vividly conveying the exchange of emotions and experiences.

By the collaboration, Ferragamo and Oscar Wang not only showcase their profound understanding of art and design and their unique perspectives, but also depict a human social scene of genuine emotions and warm blending, with the hope of rediscovering that neglected and long-lost sense of intimacy through the power of art.

For its storefront, the two parties imagined and brought to live a novel and interactive exterior decor. Windows adorned with the brand’s signature red cashmere brocade stickers, juxtaposed with arresting imprints of hugging gestures and the unique promotional lingo “Ferr Hugs” and “pou pou”, establishes an instant connection. This dynamic decor builds a heartwarming bridge between emotional fluidity and authentic Cantonese culture.

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