Dior x Sacai blend streetwear and sophistication in new men’s capsule collection

Photo: Dior

French fashion house Dior and independent Japanese label Sacai have teamed up for the first time to release a boundary-blurring men’s capsule collection. The project fuses Dior’s refined luxury with Sacai’s contemporary street-wear styles to create a line of clothing and accessories that are sure to be sold out as soon as it hits stores in November 2021. 

Collaboration with big-name brands is nothing new for either company (see Jordan x Dior and Sacai x Nike), however, their latest co-branded collection also marks the partnership of two powerhouse designers and long-time friends. Sacai’s founder, Chitose Abe, and Dior’s menswear artistic director, Kim Jones, are both prolific in their own right, so it is no surprise to see the technical wonders they have created working together.

The familiarity of their relationship translates into a seamless merging of Dior’s savoir faire and Saccai’s contemporary fabrication. The project even created a new label, incorporating the Sacai name into the i of Dior’s logo.

The 57-piece collection uses a limited colour palette of black, navy, white, and cream capturing the essence of a mid-century photograph, brought to the present. Utilitarian detailing accented by soft berets created by Stephen Jones emphasize a state of flux between moments, while Japanese denim and chic couture transport the clothes from Tokyo to Paris and back again. 

Sacai repurposes Dior’s 2019 Tailleur Oblique design into a wraparound trench coat with Abe’s signature patchwork. An oversized floral sweater is adapted with snap-fastened side vents that give the soft fabric a harder edge. 

Meanwhile, Dior’s iconic leather saddle bag is equipped with nylon drawstrings and a water bottle that add a refreshing practicality to the product. Though, practical doesn’t mean simple, as the Dior Snow and Dior Explorer boots have proven. The fine cream and black shoes are triple-soled and the CD Icon logo is decked out with gold- and silver-finished brass, as well as Sacai’s signature pearls. Instead, the modern street-wear x luxury line comes off as a fine-tailored, modern masterpiece. 

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