Brands with gender neutral fashion to wear with pride

Fashion is for everyone, no matter where you fall on the gender spectrum. Zhao Gaofei Claire finds brands with fashion collections that are inclusive, gender neutral and one can wear with pride


Cos is a fashion brand known for its minimalist colour schemes and silhouettes. With such a distinctive brand identity and signature minimalist fashion, Cos fits perfectly into wardrobes with an androgynous bent. Following its collaboration with Spanish photographer Coco Capitán, Cos launched a new collection to celebrate Pride Month. This time, the fashion brand has hired three artists from the LGBTQ+ community to design a capsule collection of t-shirts in support of The Trevor Project. The minimalist unisex style that has always been a part of Cos will provide better options for lovers of unisex fashion to wear now and in the future.

I And Me

I And Me is a denim and lifestyle brand from London. Founded in 2015 by creative director Jessica Gebhart in response to destructive consumer habits, I And Me’s collection is defined by sustainable manufacturing practices with a focus on fabrication, function and form, providing modern closet solutions with unique, quality fabrication. At the same time, the design process is unisex, always considering fabric and style before considerations of “his and/or hers”. This is where the story of each garment begins, on a unisex playing field not defined by seasonal trends. For this brand, fabric and style are the driving forces, not gender divisions.


Demo was founded by Hong Kong fashion designers Derek Chan and Mite Chan in 2014. The brand’s style breaks gender boundaries by mixing elements of men’s and women’s wear. Contrasting classical elements with contemporary style, Demo’s signature style of ‘soft masculinity’ subverts stereotypes and allows for gender fluidity. Featuring meticulous design elements such as handmade embellishments, embroidery and rough flowers, the designs showcase the gentle side of masculinity.

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Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney’s gender-inclusive collection, Shared, celebrates individuality and diversity. Designed to be easily “shared” between all closets, Stella McCartney’s Shared is suitable for both men and women. One can remix your look with the brand’s signature urban energy. The capsule collection includes staples such as blazers and trench coats, down jackets, sweatshirts and flat knit t-shirts in playful and bold styles.

The North Face

The outdoor apparel brand has partnered with TikTok’s most popular drag queen and environmentalist, Pattie Gonia. Its limited-edition collection includes apparel such as T-shirts, tank tops and The North Face’s iconic jackets, all redesigned with rainbow colours. Plus, as a premium brand of outdoor apparel, The North Face has something for everyone and is suitable for men and women of all ages, making it the perfect brand for all the family. It also offers other unisex products, so no matter what gender, purpose or style, North Face has the perfect answer for outdoor wear.


Following last year’s successful collaboration, Diesel has again partnered with the Tom of Finland Foundation on a special Pride 2023 capsule collection. It spotlights a new set of artists from Tom of Finland Foundation’s erotic and queer art collection, including Stanley Stellar, Michael Mitchell and Tom of Finland. Designed for all genders, the collection is a celebration of the gay and queer community’s indomitable sense of pride. 

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