The Sky’s the Limit Wellness Symposium and 8th Children Charities Carnival

What: The inaugural ‘Sky’s the Limit’ Wellness Symposium and 8th Children Charities Carnival
When: July 9, 2017
Where: Hong Kong Golf and Tennis Academy, Sai Kung

Hong Kong’s inaugural Wellness Symposium was held at the Hong Kong Golf and Tennis Academy by Harvest Sky Enterprises Limited to inspire and educate over 120 athletes and children from all walks of life on the importance of sport and fitness. The symposium was led by a superstar line-up of 12 Harvest Sky Athlete Ambassadors, including Olympic swimmers and professional triathletes, who were each assigned as a mentor to an underprivileged youth for the day. These professional athletes also hosted individual break-out tables sharing their own personal experiences and advice in topics such as Sports-Work-Life Balance, Parent-child Sports, Sports Injury Prevention & Cure and more. 

This also marked the 8th Children Charities Carnival organised by Prestique Ltd. who brought in 10 inspiring charities from around Hong Kong dedicated to giving underprivileged children a better life. These charities interacted with 60 school children through games and activities, allowing them to learn more about the meaning behind each charity’s efforts. 

The 10 participating charities included Beam International, Benji’s Centre, Changing Young Lives Foundation, Chi Heng Foundation, Children’s Medical Foundation, Inspiring Hong Kong Sports Foundation, Playwright Children’s Play Association, Redford Charitable Foundation, Save The Children and Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charity Foundation. Guests in attendence included Annabelle Bond, Juju Chan, Camille Cheng, Leanne Szeto, Adam Xu, Nicholas Choi, Emil Cheung, Kevin Chow, Sherie Kong, Ivan Lo, Cindy Wong, Denise Yeung, Harvest Sky Honorary Patron Herman Hu, and Co-Founder Esther Ma. 

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