Thai singer Billkin had his first-ever concert in Macau

Since its grand opening last year, Galaxy Arena at Galaxy Macau was thrilled to welcome its first Thai superstar solo concert by the newly-risen singer Billkin

Thai artist Billkin gave concert at the Galaxy Arena in Macau.

The Thai artist’s first-ever solo concert at the Galaxy Arena is part of the singer’s “Billkin Tempo Tour 2024” and was hosted in Macau on April 6.

Galaxy Arena is the newest and largest indoor arena in Macau with a capacity of 16,000, where Billkin connected music lovers from around the globe and demonstrated his prowess as “Mr. Everything”.

Billkin’s musical talent first emerged in his early years. Possessing a sweet voice known as the “honey throat” and showcasing remarkable composition abilities, his songs are diverse in style, each filled with personal characteristics and emotional expressions.

They contain profound and moving stories that allow fans to find resonance and gain a deeper understanding of Billkin. At this concert, Billkin presented his newly arranged rhythmic music. The melodies that moved hearts in his television dramas were reinterpreted freshly onstage, leading the audience into an energetic evening.

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