Shiatzy Chen: A dexterous iteration of its SS23 Collection

For Spring/Summer 2023, this luxurious fashion label has made “Dexterity” its theme. Design director, Chen Tsai-Hsia derives inspiration from “tangram” – a puzzle combination that uses seven shapes to build a variety of pictures popular in both the east and west throughout history

It is a nod to fluid craftsmanship combined with oriental and western styles. Shiatzy Chen’s runway show this season is set against the backdrop of the Taipei Music Center. Its geometric architecture is reminiscent of irregular rises of mountain ranges which becomes a platform for a play of light that brims with vitality – and therefore corresponds with the notion of “dexterity”. 

With the tangram at its foundation, the SS23 Collection gives us shapes including triangles, squares and trapeziums in various interpretations and reconstructions, fusing them into fashion of the highest creative standards. 

From the multi-layer deconstructed trapezium skirt to the multi-layer classic band collar dress constructed with seven pieces of garment sections, these are all items featuring unique layering and changes in this season. 

In addition, the season combines the retro contour of western chic with well-defined geometric lines. Combining them with the Shiatzy Chen original fabric design in this collection, the label promises bold vibrant Pop Art geometric shapes hidden within silhouettes of Paradise Birds and orchids as symbols of the Orient. 

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The emphasised use of seven iconic colours brings a vibrant mood to the collection. Dazzling orange and calendula yellow conjure the dawn of the season, while rich blue and scarlet red symbolise the vigorous joy of spring and summer. A classic basalt black and moon white supported by dashes of fresh green bring endless determination and energy. 

Let’s also not forget the brand’s iconic embroidery craftsmanship which it has pushed to the next level. A drawn thread technique of basket stitch in Sue embroidery lies at its heart, merged with other techniques such as the “weng” stitch and the French knot stitch.

In addition, its Men’s collection continues with the classic Shiatzy Chen mandarin collar with a prominent western deconstructed design. Fusing intriguing geometric fabric and tangram, a tapestry of oriental versus western, and modern versus classic unveils before the viewers. 

A detailed contemplation regarding its accessories is also not amiss. Bracelet, earrings and belt pieces are redefining the Shiatzy Chen logo with clean and concise lines. In contrast, the necklace is designed with the tangram shapes in mind demonstrating design ingenuity. From shoes to bags, each collection piece is well thought out. 

The functional and aesthetic design of its SS23 Collection – scheduled for October 3 at 6 pm HKT – will continue to support the personalised needs of a new generation. 

Photos courtesy of Shiatzy Chen

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