Much-Anticipated Shanghai Grand Prix Opens April 15

Try not to blink, or you may miss the Formula 1 racing drivers shooting past as they vie for places on the Shanghai Grand Prix podium this month. The third race of the F1 season takes place from April 15-17 at the Shanghai International Circuit in the Jiading district. It is a must-see for any speed junkie. Last season’s stars, such as Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, are set to return, but in this year’s race they face some new competitors. These include the Hass team, the first American-led F1 team for three decades, and Indonesia’s first F1 driver, the Manor team’s Rio Haryanto. This year’s F1 season will be one of the longest in the history of motor racing, and the Shanghai Grand Prix will be an opportunity for drivers and manufacturers to notch up some valuable early championship points. If the noise and smell of the track are too overwhelming, head back into town and look out for the post-race parties lined up for the cool evenings.

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