RJ Watches launches new space-themed collections

The RJ ARRAW Star Twist Collection's Gold Blue Magellanic Cloud (picture courtesy of RJ Watches)

With the Apollo Moon Landing anniversary fast approaching on the 16th of July 2019, RJ Watches launched two new collections with watches for both men and women, themed around space and celestial bodies: the RJ Arraw 6919 and the RJ Arraw Star Twist Collection. 

The RJ Arraw 6919 Collection in titanium, gold and ceramic (picture courtesy of RJ Watches)

The Arraw 6919 has a SW-280 mechanical self-winding movement with a 45-mm case design inspired by space. The bezel was made with light and hard composite material combing a high performance acrylic glass and parts from the Apollo 11 spacecraft. It is available in three different materials: grade 5 titanium, ceramic and 5N+ red gold. With a highly-resistant polyamide strap that is waterproof, like the rest of the watch, the watch is also engraved with patterns that are reminiscent of the first steps taken on the moon. 

For Tedeschi, ““Milestones in mankind fuel our drive to inspiration. I believe that each significant step leads to a wider world and is helping us to develop innovation in our field. RJ has created the Arraw 6919 as a tribute to the Apollo 11 mission. This unique watch reflects our continuous aspiration to explore the unexplored and to show our commitment to discovery, sophistication and distinctiveness, subtly illuminated by the hands of our craftsmen. Each edition is exclusively limited to 100 copies”.

The RJ Arraw Star Twist Collection in Titanium Blue Spiral Galaxy, Titanium Purple Spiral Galaxy, Titanium Glowing Eye Nebula and Gold Blue Magellanic Cloud (picture courtesy of RJ Watches)

The RJ Arraw Star Twist Collection is the first Arraw to be released for women. The collection comes in titanium or red gold+ with the dials available in four different colours: Titanium Blue Spiral Galaxy, Titanium Purple Spiral Galaxy, Titanium Glowing Eye Nebula and Gold Blue Magellanic Cloud. Each is limited to 100 pieces only. With a patented spinning bezel, the 39 mm watches are also waterproof and adorned with colourful gemstones. 

With stylish alligator straps and mother of pearl dials, the RJ Star Twist Collection is described by CEO and Creative Director Marco Tedeschi as having been, “designed for trend-conscious women who live out their femininity in a natural and stylish way. They express creativity with personality and flair–something that I fully support. Our patented spinning bezel uniquely symbolises our ability to twist and turn innovation and creativity in inspiring positive directions. These watches should be instruments at the service of women. As a result, this RJ Star Twist watch collection was created to align our perception of the beauty and femininity of all things and living beings, as well as with billions of galaxies and stars”.

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